2012-2013 HEATH NYTC Winter Newsletter

April 04, 2014

Please check out our 2012/2013 HEATH NYTC Winter newsletter!! We have three articles to share with you in this newsletter. Our first aritcle is entitled, "Resources from the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration to Ease the Transition to Work". The article highlights resources for youth with disabilities to ease the transition to work. Ms. Jennifer Kemp is the author of the article. Ms. Kemp works for the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Employment and Training Administration, where she leads the youth policy and performance team. Our second article is entitled, "Thinking About Different Student Populations" written by Ms. Marisa Allison. The article highlights teaching to different student populations in the higher education using data from the recent NFM Foundation Back-to-School Survey. Ms. Allison is a research intern and doctoral student in Sociology at George Mason University. Last but not least, we have a third article entitled, "Counseling Students Who Need A "Plan B" written by Ms. Billie Streufert. Ms. Streufert's article provides advice to educators and counselors who work with students who need to figure out a "Plan B" because their first choice for life after high school or college did not work out as planned. Ms. Streufert is the director of Career Services at the University of Siox Falls in South Dakota. In addition to our articles, we have information on new transition materials, conference and webinar opportunities, new scholarship opportunities, and web sites to add to your favorites!! Happy Readings!!