2013-2014 HEATH NYTC Winter Newsletter

April 04, 2014

Please check out our 2013-2014 HEATH NYTC Winter newsletter!! We have a wonderful article entitled, "Using Individualized Learning Plans to Increase and College and Career Readiness", written by Ms. Mindy Larson. The article provides an overview of individualized learning plans as a strategy to increase college and career readiness for all students, including students with disabilities. Ms. Mindy Larson is a Senior Program Associate at the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability at the Institute for Educational Leadership's Center for Workforce Development. We have another article entitled, "The POINT Program", written by Ms. Laura Harris-Delrieu. This article highlights The POINT Program (Pursuing Our Independent Together), a collaborative effort among adults with disabilities, their families, and two not-for-profit groups. Laura Harris-Delrieu is a doctoral student at GW's GSEHD and a special education teacher at Loudoun County Public Schools, VA. In addition to our article, we have information on new transition materials, conference and webinar opportunities, new scholarship opportunities, and websites to add to your favorites!! Happy Readings!!