2013 HEATH NYTC Spring Newsletter

April 04, 2014

Please check out our 2013 HEATH NYTC Spring newsletter!! We have a wonderful article entitled, "The Importance of the Camp Experience in Preparing for Postsecondary Transition", written by Katherine Campbell, Sterling Leija, and Dr. Michael Edwards. The article highlights the importance of how camp experiences can help prepare youth with disabilities for postsecondary transition. Ms. Campbell is a graduate student at Texas A&M University. She has experience working and volunteering with several camps and youth development organizations in Texas. Ms. Leija is a camp professional who currently serves as the Camp Director of Camp LIFE and the Guest Services as well as the Volunteer Manager at Camp For All. Dr. Michael Edwards is an assistant professor in youth development in the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M University. His research interests center on adolescent health and physical activity. In addition to our article, we have information on new transition materials, conference and webinar opportunities, new scholarship opportunities, and websites to add to your favorites!! Happy Readings!!