2014 HEATH Spring NYTC Newsletter

March 10, 2014

Please check out our 2014 HEATH NYTC Spring newsletter!! We have a wonderful article entitled, "What Students with ADHD and Their Parents Should Know About College", written by Ms. Elizabeth Hamblet. The article informs parents and students on the process from transitioning from high school to postsecondary education. Ms. Elizabeth Hamblet is a Learning Specialist at Columbia University.  Be sure to read our second article is entitled, "Don't Forget About Transportation!", written by Dr. Judy Shanley.  This article highlights the importance of transportation education within transition planning from high school to postsecondary settings. Dr. Shanley is the Director of Student Engagement & Mobility Management at Easter Seals.  Last but not least, we have third article entitled, "A Non-Diploma Track Transition Program for Students who are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing", written by James McCann.  His article shares information about a program for students who are deaf and hard of hearing in Prince George's County Maryland Public Schools. He is a doctoral student at GW's GSEHD and a Speech-Language Pathologist at Prince George County Public Schools, MD. In addition to our articles, we have information on new transition materials, conference and webinar opportunities, new scholarship opportunities, and websites to add to your favorites!! Happy Readings!!


2014 Spring HEATH NYTC Newsletter (PDF)