September 01, 2017

College affordability is a matter in question for the majority of college students of all races and ethnicities. For many applicants, scholarships can help to offset education costs and may even supplement other forms of financial aid. Minority scholarships, in particular, can help level the playing field for minority groups underrepresented in U.S. colleges and universities. The total amount of scholarships for minorities has risen dramatically over the last decade, with more than $96 billion in grants allocated to Hispanic, Alaska-Native, Native Hawaiian, and minority STEM students by the U.S. Department of Education as recently as 2014.

Though a wealth of minority scholarships exist today, each year many eligible students miss out on these scholarships and other special funding opportunities because they find the research process too difficult; awards are often sponsored by so many different organizations and dispersed among so many different institutions that locating minority scholarships specific to your situation can seem nearly impossible. We developed our guide to finding scholarships for minorities to help students just like you maximize their financial aid opportunities. We’ll provide you with easy access to the minority scholarships that could mean big savings for your educational investment, all in one place.

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