Directory of Transition Websites

This directory was composed by students in Dr. Lynda West's Special Education Course: 6236, Introduction to Career, Vocational and Transition Services, The George Washington University, Graduate School of Education & Human Development. Their assignment was to select 5 websites they considered their favorite transition websites. You are able to locate these sites and many others in our LINKS as well.

Posting of websites does not imply endorsement or support by the HEATH Resource Center, GWU, or The HSC Foundation. At the time this publication went to press, these sites were active. Because websites frequently change, we cannot guarantee that the links provided will remain accurate. As web site content is that of the sites' owners, if you attempt to access a website and receive a "not found" message, it is likely that the item has been removed from the site. If you are unable to access content with assistive technology (e.g., PDFs) please contact the site's owner for alternative formats. 

Secondary Transition to Postsecondary Website Portals to further Resources

The websites listed here are portals to further resources. Sites may be hosted or funded by federal agencies, national agencies, state education agencies, local education agencies, institutes of higher education projects, private agencies or professional organizations. Sites are identified and put into a specific category to make it easier to search the Directory of Transition Websites.

Associations, Organizations, and Professional Groups

Career and Employment

College/University Information and Disability Support Services

Disability News

Federal Government

Federal Legislation

Health Transitions

Independent Living

Internships, Training, and Volunteer Programs

Parent/Guardians and Youth Resources

Social Security


Transition Assessment

Transition Programs and Services

Transition Resources

Vocational Rehabiliation and Developmental Disabilities Services

This document was published in part under a grant from The HSC Foundation with The George Washington University. No official endorsement by The HSC Foundation or of any product, commodity, service or enterprise mentioned in this publication is intended or should be inferred. 

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