Distance/Online Learning



The website provides a guide to undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, career education and online degree programs. In addition, Education Portal offers one free course at a time for credit that is accepted by over 2,900 colleges and universities. In addition, students can access free video courses as well as free library of articles.

4 Tips for Teachers Working with Visually Impaired Students Online

The article features a school for the blind and visually impaired in Washington State that uses distance learning to accommodate offsite teachers and students. This innovative program is an example of how technology can be valuable to students with disabilities and how distance learning can be adapted to a variety of populations. One of the teachers in the program provides four very specific strategies for enhancing learning in this online environment.

Technical Brief: Students with Disabilities and Online Learning (Technical Brief #04)

The University of Connecticut Neag School of Education Center on Postsecondary Education and Disability Center for Students with Disabilities published this technical brief providing information about the accessibility of online courses to students with disabilities. The brief summarizes the needs of student in an online learning environment and provides a list of modifications that may make the course more accessible.

The Faculty Room—Distance Learning

The University of Washington Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology have provided a fact sheet on distance learning for students with disabilities. The fact sheet highlights the challenges of access in online learning for individuals with visual impairments, specific learning disabilities, mobility impairments, deaf & hard of hearing, and speech impairments. In addition, the fact sheet discusses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and how to make web pages, printed material, and video presentations accessible to all individuals.

The Foundation of Online Learning for Students with Disabilities

The Center for Online Learning and Students with Disabilities at the University of Kansas conducts research and provides information about online learning for students with disabilities. The Center aims to provide informed recommendations for best practices in online learning for students with disabilities. They disseminate information, highlight existing resources, and collaborate with stakeholders for online learning for students with disabilities. The white paper highlights the challenges of accommodations, compliance with existing federal law, statutory mandates for accessibility, Section 508 Standards, and an industry-sanctioned Sample Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.