Opportunity to Contribute to a Self Determination Study

May 03, 2016
University of Kansas is seeking students to participate in a 
Self Determination Study
Researchers at the University of Kansas are developing and validating a new measure of self-determination, the Self-Determination Inventory: Self-Report (SDI:SR). The SDI:SR is a part of the ongoing research in self-determination conducted by Drs. Karrie Shogren and Michael Wehmeyer. 
Participants Needed
Individuals ages 18 to 22 with disabilities will be asked to complete a 15-minute self-report survey.
  • An individual online survey report is generated based on student responses.
  • Group data will be available to support instruction in self-determination.
  • Participating schools and organizations will have access to the SDI:SR at no cost once it is validated.
  • A $5.00 gift card will be offered to participants as a thank you for their time. 
If you are or may know a potential participant for the survey, please go to http://www.self-determination.org/ to participate. 
Contact the researchers conducting this study at[email protected] if you have questions.