New HEATH Publication! Accessible Texts: A Guide for Postsecondary Disability Service Providers June 23, 2011

The purpose of this resource guide is to provide postsecondary disability support service providers with essential information and tools for supporting students who require printed texts in accessible formats.

NCWD/Youth's Latest Guidance on Graduation Requirements Featured in National PTA Magazine February 16, 2011

NCWD/Youth's latest article, "Graduation Requirements and Diploma Options: What Families Need to Know" is featured in the December 2010/January 2011 issue of Our Children, the National PTA Magazine. The article provides guidance for parents and families on helping students understand graduation requirements and diploma options. Families play a critical role in helping their children understand the options, define college and career goals, and choose a pathway to earning a diploma. Financial Aid Update: 2011-2012 Counselors & Mentors Handbook on Federal Student Aid January 31, 2011

This guide has information on federal and non-federal student aid programs, how financial need is determined for students who may have expenses related to their disability, information for students with intellectual disabilities (page 9), the application process and tips for completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Wisconsin Postsecondary Disability Documentation Guide (January 2011) January 21, 2011

The Guide was presented at the 2010 Wisconsin Statewide Transition Initiative (WSTI) Conference, the WI Rehabilitation/Transition Conference, as well as the 7 spring and fall 2010 Transition Regional Workshops by members of the excellent workgroup that reviewed, updated, and revised the original 2004 WI Postsecondary Guide to Disability Documentation this past year. 

The WI Postsecondary Disability Documentation Guide includes the following sections:

Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities December 31, 2010

Many young adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) leaving high school are preparing to take on adult roles that establish personal and social relationships that enable them to participate actively and independently in the community, their careers, and help define their quality of life. Today, one of those roles includes becoming a college student.

Overview of Health Care Options for Students Transitioning to College September 17, 2010

Health care is essential for college students because it fosters independence and provides security for families. It enables students to take preventative health measures, perform better academically, and achieve educational objectives.

2009-2010 HEATH Financial Aid Information January 20, 2010

While education beyond high school in the United States is optional, it has become a necessary investment in future employment and life satisfaction for many people. Most, however, cannot afford to make this investment without some outside monetary assistance. Over the years, public and private sources of money have been developed specifically to meet this need. As increasing, but limited, amounts of money have become available, a standardized method of determining eligibility has evolved to promote equitable distribution of student financial aid.


From The Director's Desk March 24, 2009

Each new season brings with it the promise of change and improvements. At HEATH, this season is no different. You will note many changes in how we look and updates to our materials. We are pleased to present to you our newly configured site updated with the addition of training modules written for young high school students with disabilities who are preparing for transition from high school to college.

ADA Amendments Passed and Has Become Law! February 08, 2009

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Fact Sheet - Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society February 08, 2009

During the Fall 2007 semester individuals at the University of South Carolina began a journey toward the formation of a chapter of Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society. This fact sheet describes a model used by Disability Support Services Director, Becky Duke and advisors at the University of South Carolina to assist students in forming the Pi Chapter of Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society for students with disabilities.  The development of a student based Steering Committee that prepared the Pi Chapter’s constitution was central to the model used.