Teacher and Service Professional Resources


Advising Youth with Disabilities on Disclosure: Tips for Service Providers

This fact sheet provides information for the professional who provides services such as occupational skills training and job readiness training to help young people decide if they should share information about their disabilities. Disclosure is, by law, a personal decision that individuals with disabilities must make for themselves.

At Your Service: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities

At Your Service: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities is a free, accessible, self-paced web course for people interested in discovering best practices for working with customers who have disabilities. The course was created as a training tool for Customer Service Representatives, however, anyone interested in learning more about interacting effectively with people who have a variety of disabilities will also benefit from this web course.

Campus Visit: Materials for HS & Independent Counselors

At Campus Visit we strive to help counselors and students find the information and tools they need to make the most of their college decision process.

Collaborating with Families

The IRIS Center and the PACER Center have created an online module to help educators think about and improve family involvement, particularly involvement among families of children with disabilities. The interactive module provides participants with a scenario, information, and a self-evaluation tool. It also includes commentary from parents and an expert in the field of family involvement.

NCWD/Youth New Infobrief: Developing a Professional Development System for Youth Service Professionals

NCWD/Youth has released a new Info Brief, Developing a Professional Development System for Youth Service Professionals. Although youth service professionals are responsible for preparing millions of youth across the country each day for the transition to adulthood, there is no career pathway or cohesive professional development system through which they can receive training and education in core competencies that culminates in a nationally recognized professional certification or a degree. This brief describes the current status of and opportunities for a comprehensive cross-disciplinary professional development system for youth service professionals. It also discusses next steps for systems, professionals, and policy makers. Read the brief online.