Transition Assessment


Iowa Transition Assessment                    

The information on this website was developed by a team of educators from Area Education Agencies, Local Schools, University of Northern Iowa and University of Kansas, and the Iowa Department of Education. It includes numerous links to information pertaining to transition services, including living, learning, and working issues. In addition, the website contains a link to Methods and Tools - an online collection of formal and informal assessment which can be used by special educators during IEP meetings and the transition process.

National Post-School Outcomes Center

The National Post-School Outcomes Center of the University of Oregon has wonderful resources to state education agencies to assist in developing research-based data on Indicator 14. The website provides an array of resources such as tools & products, Community of Practice resources, SPP/APR Resources.


The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) has developed a web site to deliver information and updates on the 25-state PARCC consortium highlighting the next-generation common assessment system that will enable all students that graduate from high school to be prepared for the postsecondary environment (e.g. college and employment). The website contains material on PARCC’s goals, governance structure, key stakeholders, timeline, and challenges; information about PARCC’s major design and development work; implementation issues to address for successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards and PARCC assessments; “In the Classroom,” on instructional resources being developed through PARCC, as well as other instructional resources for the Common Core State Standards being created by other organizations; and progress on implementing PARCC goals and the Common Core State Standards in each of the 25 PARCC States.

Quickbook of Transition Assessments                            

This guide provides technical assistance to school districts and/or agencies that provide special education or special education and related services to youth with disabilities.