Vocational Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities Services

Maryland DORS-Department of Rehabilitation Services

http://www.dors.state.md.us/dors '                                                                                  

DORS supports the employment and economic independence of people with disabilities. The website can be used for a variety of information: employment opportunities, independent living services, file SSDI claims, complete VR applications, find assistive technology information, updated news and employers can even view pre-screened applications.

New Guidance on Transition Services from Rehabilitation Services Administration

Attention special educators and transition coordinators—a new resource addressing transition issues between Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) and state educational agencies (SEA)! The RSA has released a technical assistance circular (referred to as a TAC) that addresses a variety of transition-related issues that VR agencies have raised during monitoring activities. The issues pertain to: (1) the effective collaboration between VR agencies and SEA for the provision of transition services; (2) the VR process as it relates to referral and application for services, the determination of eligibility and the development of the individualized plan for employment (IPE); and (3) the services that may be provided through the VR program. The guidance contained in this TAC will better enable VR agencies to implement policies and engage in innovative strategies designed to improve the transition of students with disabilities including those with the most significant disabilities, from school to the achievement of integrated employment outcomes and careers. Additionally, the statutory and regulatory provisions described in this TAC are intended to provide a strong foundation on which VR agencies can build partnerships with schools, institutions of higher education, CRPs, and employers for the delivery of a wide range of services to students in pursuit of competitive integrated employment and careers. RSA encourages VR agencies to use the flexibility afforded under the Rehabilitation Act and its implementing regulations to engage in innovative strategies, involving students with disabilities and their families in the transition process as early as possible. The TAC can be downloaded from: http://www2.ed.gov/policy/speced/guid/rsa/tac/2014/tac-14-03.pdf.  

Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS)

http://www.vadrs.org/transitionservices.htm '                                                          

Virginia’s Department of Rehabilitative Services provides details on the services/programs DRS can provide to students with disabilities.  The DRS determines what services can be accessed without cost as well as those that will require financial participation from families. The website offers a publication titled “Virginia DRS Transition Services Guide” (offered in PDF or Word) explaining the role of DRS in transition planning.   The guide provides a detailed road map to successful employment for Virginia’s Youth by answering questions such as when to refer students to DRS, how to refer students to DRS, and activities/trainings suggested for individuals with disabilities in looking at post-secondary employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation State Offices                                                 


Transition teams often include a member from Vocational Rehabilitation, a state-supported division of services who assists individuals with disabilities who are pursuing meaningful careers. The nation’s State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies may be located through this Web page.


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