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IDEA Partnership’s National Community of Practice on Transition: Youth Role in the Transition Process Webinars

The IDEA Partnership’s National Community of Practice on Transition have coordinated with youth leaders to develop three webinars that focus on the youth role in the transition process from high school to adult life. In the spring, youth leaders from Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Delaware, Michigan, and Virginia shared their own thoughts and ideas on leadership development and self-determination in the webinars.  In May 2014, youth leaders presented outcomes and understandings from the conversations from the webinars at the National Capacity Building Institute in Charlotte, NC. The recordings of the webinars, powerpoint presentations, and handouts are now archived on IDEA Partnership’s Sharedwork site. To listen to the webinars and obtain copies of the presentation, please go to: http://www.sharedwork.org/web/building-a-meaningful-youth-role/wiki/-/wiki/Main/Webinars+-+Youth+Transition.